What's the go with Energy Drinks?

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What's in an energy drink

All of the ingredients used in energy drinks are approved for use in Australia by FSANZ. This includes:

B Vitamins

Who are energy drinks for?

Although energy drinks contain only as much caffeine as an instant coffee, energy drink manufacturers do not recommend they be consumed by children.

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Energy drinks and alcohol

Many findings have indicated that mixing energy drinks and moderate amounts of alcohol has no adverse effects and that energy drinks do not mask the feeling of being drunk.

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Energy drinks safety

Energy drinks are regulated under Standard 2.6.4 (Formulated Caffeinated Beverages) of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

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Caffeine in energy drinks

Caffeine is an ingredient in many beverages and has been consumed for hundreds of years. At low doses, positive associations such as increased energy, alertness, and concentration have been observed.

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More information about energy drinks can be found on this website and at the following list of resources.

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